Soapothecary is here! After countless weeks of perfecting soap and lotion recipes, being wishy washy about whether or not I can handle my own craft business, and polling friends and family about whether or not this is a good idea…..I decided to make a go of it! I’ve had very good feedback from customers at the three sales events I’ve attended so far, and everyone else who has been fortunate enough to have been cornered by me to try my products, so I decided to enlist the help of an amazing friend (much love Nicole!) to get this website up and running. I rec’d my very first online order from another good buddy (your wife is gonna love the Frosty Peppermint, Randy!) just yesterday!

So, please take a minute to look around my website, pick up some Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, and someone please try my Custom Soap option! You tell me what you want, I make it. Let’s have some fun with this!




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