Hello world, I’m John.  You’ve probably realized I am the owner of Soapothecary, and the create of all of these wonderful products.  However, I’m much more than just a maker of soaps and lotions.  I am a father to three amazing boys, first and foremost.  They are the single biggest motivator for starting this business, and my most cherished supporters.  Ask me about they time they sod my soaps door-to-door in their neighborhood!

I am also a Marine Corps veteran.  I proudly served for five years active duty, and upon my honorable discharge I began a career as a defense contractor.  That lasted until I moved back to Indiana, after 14 years away and started building race tracks.  I am still heavily involved in motorsports events, but the constant travel took me away from my kids too often.  Enter Soapothecary! Growing up with sensitive skin, I’d bought expensive soaps for years before realizing I can make my own.  After urging from family and friends, I decided to make a business out of my products.  I’m very honored and excited to share these products with the world.  I know people are tired of all of the harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives in beauty products, so I am fully confident that you’ll enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them in my own tiny kitchen.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about any of my products!

Thank you,

Every batch of soap is handmade, 12 bars at a time